Yoga – a relaxing distraction from exams!

So it’s a busy month and we don’t want to keep saying the swear word beginning with ‘E’ and ending in ‘xams’ any more than we need to.

It’s no lie that it’s a stressful time – sore eyes through lack of sleep and blurred vision from sitting at our laptop for 72 hours straight!

But, did you know that taking a short break can be more effective in the long run? Research shows that a brief distraction away from a task can dramatically improve your focus and attention.

We’re jumping on the ‘yoga bandwagon’ and think this is the perfect way to de-stress your body, de-clutter your mind, and relax.

So, stop sitting stale and step away from the keyboard (you need to…research says so!).

Yoga isn’t just for those who smash the impossible contortions. It just takes some practice. This latest trend has been proven to help you stay focused, lowers your blood pressure and even makes you happier.

We’ve put together a list of some inspirational UK insta yogis, who we think are well worth a follow, to help you remain focused (and relaxed) during E*** period!


  1. @SteffyWhiteYoga

Steffy White is a London based international yoga teacher. She’s also the founder of @WhiteLightYogaRetreats. So, if you want to have a bit of time for yourself before or after exam month, check out her retreats.


  1. @AdamHusler

Men love yoga too! Have a look at Adam’s Instagram and get some male yogi inspiration.


  1. @Mind_Body_Bowl

Annie Clark shares her teaching, recipes and inspiration, helping you to connect to your own sense of balance. She’s written a book called Mind Body Bowl which encourages a nutritious and healthy diet. She also shares pics of her pup Elmo… that’s enough to distract anyone.


  1. @JodyShield

Jody Shield is an inspirational speaker, author, meditation teacher and intuitive mentor. Follow her tips to calm your mind over exam period.


  1. @WoodAndLuxe

Phoebe is a London-based travel and wellness blogger. She Insta combines travel, wellness and yoga making her a great go-to point when you need a bit of motivation.

So, give your mind a rest and distract yourself in the most relaxing way possible.