Student Blog -British Military Fitness

NUS extra reached out to students to win a 3-month membership with British Military Fitness, in time for the New Year.

Pamela gives us an insight into her first session!


So it is now the day after my first class with BMF.  Before I start, I would like to admit that I have been a BMF member in the past in my younger and fitter days.

I still exercise frequently by going running and to spin class but I don’t really push myself in the way that I found I had to do last night!

To say I found it hard would be an understatement.  It was painful, exhausting and muddy, but also strangely fun!  It was also very dark.

For the activities, we split into two groups.  One group went running whilst the other group completed burpees, press ups, squat jumps and high knees and then the roles were reversed.  We exercised in Holyrood Park then up and down the Dynamic Earth steps.

I’m feeling achy today which everyone I’ve complained to tells me is a good thing and my watch has shown me that I burned over 300 calories in the process!

In terms of how I felt throughout, I’ll admit that sometimes I felt like giving up and at other times I just lay in the mud when I couldn’t face another press-up, but I enjoyed the running and the bear walks and the camaraderie of trying to keep up with everyone else.

I’m looking forward to my next session and hopeful that if I keep it up, I will start feeling less like the unfit one in a group of impressive athletes!