Store food for longer with these useful hacks!

Hands up if you’re guilty of wasting food?

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We get it, it’s easily done.

Unless you’re super-efficient, organised and actually know how to store your food it seems an impossible task.

We’ve found some great hacks to store food, and help keep it fresher for longer.


We use oil, onion, garlic and herbs/spices for most dishes so why not save yourself a step and preserve your fresh herbs with olive oil? Put your herbs into an ice cube tray, fill it with olive oil and freeze. This way, they will last for ages! They are useful for soups, stews, roasts and sauces. (Via The Kitchn)



Keep lettuce fresh and crisp for longer buy storing it in a freezer bag with a paper towel. Simple!

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If you have vegetables left over at the end of the week, DON’T throw them away. Simply chop them up, boil them, put them in a freezer bag and freeze. You’ll have a DIY veg stir fry ready and waiting to cook when needed.

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Avocados are too precious to become inedible.

The best way to keep avocados delicious for longer is to  keep them in the fridge to avoid over-ripening BUT make sure you take them out or put them in a paper bag to let them finish ripening before you’re ready to eat them. (via Life Hacker)

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Dry foods

Instead of keeping cereal, pasta, and oats in the original package, transfer them into an air-tight container. This way the air won’t sneak in and cause the dry food to become stale. Use a jar with a swing lid for ease and convenience!