National Chocolate Week

Chocolate – everyone’s best friend as well as the enemy. Eating a little will guarantee that you end up eating the whole lot!

This week is dedicated to this delectable sweet treat, so we’ve found some recipes to help us celebrate

Chocolate & Fruit

Check out these easy-peasy chocolate and fruit treats – Banana Chocolate Pops, are great for snacking when you need that chocolate fix (but are trying to be good at the same time!)

Chocolate & Chilli

We’re not sure about this mix, but it’s hugely popular so it must work! When it’s worked into a tart, we’re sure we wouldn’t be able to resist. Try out Lazy Cat Kitchen’s Chilli Chocolate Tarts which are 100% vegan too. 

Chocolate & Cheesecake

Caramel, cream, chocolate and cheesecake – YUM! Jane’s Patisserie’s Mars Bar cheesecake is the perfect party centrepiece.

White Chocolate

Little white chocolate bites of loveliness! All you need is a heart shape mould, a bar of white chocolate: a tub of sprinkles and some mini chocs of your choice! The perfect treat for you your housemates!


Chocolate & orange

Chocolate + orange x 100 Calories / 1 (YOU) = winner!!!

Wallflower Kitchen’s 100 calorie chocolate orange muffins are the perfect vegan-low calorie-dairy free combination!