Locations for your perfect Insta pics

There are only so many food pics of burgers and loaded fries and selfies in front of the mirror you can upload before you feel your insta page needs a little more variety!

It’s all about sights and scenery now and finding the most instagramable pics for your feed… we can help you out here.

Our travel discount partners have some of the most amazing picture perfect locations you can visit and with your NUS extra card, you’ll get money off travelling there too!

You best get packing!

Havana – Cuba

Courtesy of Homestay

How’s this for a background to your insta pic?

There’s a rainbow of colours around every corner in Cuba. From colonial buildings, classic cars and colourful local characters on the streets of Havana to lush green vegetation in Trinidad and stunning sunrises over Vinales.

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The Rockies – Canada

Courtesy of Contiki

From Whistler to Vancouver, hike across the mountain terrain or canoe across the cold clear water running downstream from the top of the mountain. Picture yourself picnicking on Mt Robson or story your visit to Jasper National Park.

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Yellow Stone Mountain – USA

Courtesy of Bindlestiff Tours

Bindlestiff Tours offers a seven-day rocky mountain camping crusade which takes you through three world-famous national parks – Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the Bryce Canyon.

You’ll get to take pics in Vegas (imagine the backgrounds!) and from the great heights of Yellow Stone…no filters needed?!

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Monument Valley – USA

Courtesy of Trek America

Get a feel for the real ‘Wild West’ and explore the wilderness by trekking through Monument Valley. We recommend three perfect shots 1) Camping out in the shadow of Monument Valley’s rocks 2) watching the sunset 3) watching the sunrise. You’ll have amazing pics to last a lifetime.

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The Balkans

Courtesy of Euroventure

Visit two beautiful spots in one with Euroventure’s Balkans Tours. Kotor and Mostar are the places to be for your insta backdrops. See Mostar’s most famous landmark, the Old Bridge which was built in the 1500s, destroyed during the Balkan Wars and then recently restored to its former glory.

Kotor is a gem hidden away on the Montenegrin coast. The surrounding area offers adventure activities, afternoons boating on the bay of Kotor and sunset hikes up to the impressive mountains – which means plenty of awesome photo opportunities for you!

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