Healthy Breakfasts in a hurry

We all know the importance of eating breakfast, but that doesn’t stop it going out the window in favour of a takeaway coffee nearly every morning in the rush to get to a 9am lecture on time.

But these quick and delicious recipes make healthy breakfasts in a hurry so easy, there’s no excuse not to start every day the right way. Even better, the ingredients can all be bought at your local Co-op Food, where you can get 10% off with your NUS extra card.

Granola Apple Stacks

Not only do these granola apple stacks count as one of your five a day, but they’re also a great alternative to sugary cereals for those of us with a sweet tooth. Make them with natural peanut butter and low sugar granola for a tasty and guilt-free sweet treat.

Apple Oat Muffins

Let’s be honest, some days getting up early enough to make breakfast really isn’t an option. For those days, something you can make in advance is the perfect solution. Make these muffins the day before and grab a couple on your way out for the ultimate on-the-go breakfast.

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal

If you’re a porridge lover, but just never seem to have enough time in the morning, then overnight oats could be the answer to your prayers. Left to soak overnight, the oats are then ready to eat hot or cold so all you have to do is add your favourite toppings and enjoy!

Skinny Fried Egg Avacado Toast

Okay so we’ve all jumped on the avocado bandwagon these past few years, but you might think that it’s more of a weekend brunch than weekday rush kind of food. Think again! This super nutritious and filling meal can be prepared in just 10 minutes, making it ideal for days when you won’t have a chance to eat again until lunch.

For more breakfast inspiration, check out Healthy Foods Online’s breakfast range and get 20% off using your NUS extra discount.