Hacks for Student Life – Studying

Every student has their own way of studying, whether it’s with friends, in the library or alone in a dark room – it’s what works best for you to help with your uni work.

We’ve put together a list of student hacks for studying, to help you figure out your best way of working!

Early bird or night owl – study at the time of day you feel most productive. Whether you’re an early bird and begin at the crack of dawn or start when you get that late night burst of energy, figure out when best for you!

Get organised and start a study spreadsheet! Plan days that you’re going study and stick to them! Stay away from distraction, turn your phone off spend a few hours studying. Don’t forget to take a break, you’ll be more productive! Take a short walk or make a brew and get back to it!

Stationery – highlights, pens, pads, paper at the ready! Make sure you have all your study tools in front of you (just don’t get too obsessed colour coding everything!)

Useful sites – Google Scholar is a great source for published papers and receiving alerts on new papers in your area of study that you may not have seen. If you need to reference (we feel for you!) then take a look at www.citethisforme.com. YouTube is also a great resource for learning, especially prefer visual methods J

Sleep – it’s important! Don’t try and stay up all night thinking you’ll get more study time in because you’re less like to retain any info if you’re not focused! Write yourself a to-do list for next day and get some kip! You’ll feel refreshed and raring to go after a good night’s sleep.

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