Top 5 essentials for gym beginners

Gym Bag

A gym bag is a good starting point. It needs to be big enough for a change of clothes, towel, trainers and water bottle but comfy enough to carry around all day. Pack it the night before so you’ll have no excuse to skip a workout the next day! Check out Matrix Nutrition’s gym bag and use your NUS extra card to get 15% discount! 


A good all-round pair of trainers is essential. Invest in a pair that will take you from the weights to the treadmill and everything in between. They don’t need to be the most expensive pair or look the best but it’s important they offer support and comfort! Try on a few pairs and choose the right ones for you. 

Comfy Clothes

Whether it’s the brightest pair of leggings you can find, or an old t-shirt and joggers – always go for something comfy and practical! You’ll find everything you need at ASOS (with 10% off using your NUS extra card!)   


Whatever your goals, to get the best results your body needs protein after a workout. This can be in any form, but for ease and eating on the go, we’d suggest protein bars or shakes – it’s a really convenient way of repairing your body and getting the maximum benefit from every gym session.


The right playlist can make a workout and give you the motivation you need to put in 100%. Grab your phone and earphones and an ever-changing selection of your favourite tracks. Sign up to Amazon Prime with your NUS extra card and get access to Amazon Prime Music.