Fashion on a shoe-string

Bank accounts never look their best at this time of year but we still have the craving for new clothes!

Check out our top tips for fashion on a shoestring and cut back on your spending whilst shopping. A few simple changes can make a big difference.

Sell your old items

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The statement ‘I have nothing to wear’ is said very often – even though we have a wardrobe full of clothes…we just don’t want to wear any of them! If old items are growing a pile of dust then sell them and make room (and money) for new things. We’re all in need of a new pair of shoes or a top, so it’s an easy way to earn a little cash for your fashion fix.

Wear a ribbon

Take advice from Who What Wear and rock a colourful ribbon to make a statement.

Buy black

Black is best to hide a budget piece – it’s a colour you can never go wrong with. If it comes in black, buy it!

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Resist the one-off item

We’re all guilty of buying the one off item that we can’t resist but then we realise that it goes with NOTHING else in our wardrobe! Before shopping, have a look at what items you already have and purchase a piece or accessory that can make an (existing) outfit better. A belt can work wonders on any outfit – check out Missguided’s accessory range (and get 10% off with NUS extra).

Timeless pieces

DON’T waste money on the clothes you like but will NEVER wear – it’s a trap we all fall into. Buy clothes that can be worn time and time again and more importantly, clothes you feel comfortable in. Check out our top 5 wardrobe essential blog for some inspiration.

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