Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Easter is nearly here which means it’s time to fill your face with chocolate (YES!) and enjoy some well-deserved time off!

Is it us or does the chocolate from an Easter egg taste so much better than a bar?! Well, we’ve got some recipes for you to try out that will satisfy your tastes buds in the same way an Easter egg does!

Take a look at these delicious choccy treats!


Crème Egg Rocky Road

We all love the classic rocky road so why not throw in a few crème eggs and glazed cherries?  Charlottes’ Lively Kitchen shares her super easy recipe for an amazing Easter themed delight.


Easter egg Oreo Truffles

This 30 minute make is a taste sensation! Oreo is our favourite cookie by far so have ago at making these Easter Egg Oreo Truffles from Gimme Some Oven! With just 4 ingredients, you’d be silly not to try them out.

egg 2

Homemade Marshmallow Easter Eggs

We didn’t think homemade marshmallows would be this easy to make, but Mel’s Kitchen shows us how it’s done. A taste of heaven…wrapped in chocolate!!

egg 3

Flowerpot chocolate chip muffins

How can something this cute be edible?! Check out BBC’s Easter baking recipe for these fabulous flowerpot muffins – a true double chocolate chip delicacy.

egg 4