6 Easy Ways to Get Summer Ready

 We’ve reached that point in the year where you’re either fully prepped for summer having spent all of the Winter in the gym, or you’re still standing in front of a doughnut asking it to be a salad.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and reaching your fitness goals is no exception, but we’ve got some tips from the énergie Fitness training gurus to help you get back on top of your game ahead of the summer months…

Go back to basics

 Everyone loves to be part of the ‘go hard or go home’ crew, but unless you thrive on a full-blown training plan, there’s no need to overcomplicate fitness. All movement burns calories, so find something you love doing and aim to hit the World Health Organisation recommended minimum of 5 x 30-minute moderate or 3 x 25-minute vigorous workouts per week.

Do something you enjoy

Swapping what you’re naturally drawn to for a horrendous, painful alternative isn’t going to do your body or your mindset any favours, and soon enough you’ll find yourself slipping back into your old unhealthy habits. Sometimes you just need a fresh approach and an open mind, so try something different, seek advice and enjoy yourself. Fitness should be challenging, but it shouldn’t be a chore.

Don’t rule out resistance training

You might be a self-confessed cardio bunny but don’t trash talk weight training until you’ve given it a go. Even just adding a few squats, lunges and bench presses to your workouts will bring results that cardio alone can’t get you. If you’re new to weight-training, don’t fear it! Unless you’re eating and training like a bodybuilder, you won’t look like one.

What happens in the gym doesn’t need to stay in the gym

You could be completely on top of your game in the gym, but what about when you leave? What is your diet like? How active are you in your day to day life? Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce your body fat or build muscle – all three of those goals require you to keep an eye on your food consumption and activity levels. To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, so why not keep a log of your food intake for a while? When it comes to keeping active, a great method is to monitor your steps with a fitness tracker.

Phone a friend

Finding yourself a training partner you can count on can completely overhaul both your workouts and your general lifestyle habits. Not only will a training buddy boost your workouts with an added element of friendly competition, most importantly you’ll be far more likely stick to your routine with the added support. Getting support is great, but don’t forget to give some in return!

Use the tools available

Believe it or not, gyms don’t employ knowledgeable team members to stand there and look pretty. They know their stuff and they’re dying to share it with you! If you’re in a position to work with a PT, even just a few sessions could take your progress up several levels. If not, even a quick chat could be beneficial. You’ll be amazed at how just one good piece of information can transform the way you look at fitness and health as a whole.

Ready to get cracking with your spring body? Click here to find your nearest énergie Fitness club and we’ll help you take the first step. Don’t forget you can get up to 20% off with your NUS extra card too!