5 food hacks to help you eat healthier

Eating healthy isn’t always the most convenient but with some simple hacks you can clean up your eating act!

Here’s our top 5!

Eat your greens – there is no limit on the green stuff so be sure to fill your plate with fresh salad and veg.

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Bake or grill – DON’T FRY! Frying adds extra calories without really noticing. So, swap the pan for the oven and save on the unnecessary calories.

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Eat more (healthier) fat – snack on foods that will keep you fuller for longer – swap a bag of crisps for a handful of almonds.

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Go for frozen foods – frozen fruit and veg can be just as healthy as fresh foods, and they last longer too! So, load up on the frozen sweetcorn, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach to make weeknight cooking a little easier.

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Prep prep prep – get organised and make your meals in advance. Pick a day or night to prepare several meals that you can grab on the go during the week.

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